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Virtual Event Solutions

Host branded interactive experiences with our suite of solutions.

Powerful capabilities without the tech hassle

  • Ticketing and Registration
  • Professional Event Website
  • Email Invites and Reminders
  • Agenda Builder
  • Virtual Reception Hall
  • Main Stage
  • Private backstage for speakers and hosts
  • Virtual Networking
  • Sponsorship and Virtual Exhibit Halls
  • Event Recordings
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile Accessibility

 If you can dream it we can host it online!

Bring the engagement level of your online events closer to in-person experiences with VEDA Virtual.


Deliver an experience that your speakers and sponsors will remember with demonstrated ROI. Host keynotes, workshops, breakout rooms, networking and expo halls on one easy to use mobile accessible platform.

Workshops & Training

Host interactive educational events and webinaras that inspire your audience to take action. Run highly engaging workshops that focus on collaboration, increase retention and satisfaction.

Community Meetup

Engage your community year-round with events that build and strengthen connections. Build an active community by connecting your audience with each other.

Job Fair

Make an impact with your next recruiting event. From screening to rolling out job offers do them all in your virtual career fair.

Awards Ceremonies

Honor your winners on the virtual stage. enable audience participation with virtual applause, gifs, emoji reactions and more. Invite your nominees and winners on stage to accept their award from anywhere in the world. 

Town Hall

Bring everyone closer at work to drive collaboration and belonging. Meet in real-life like company branded space for company-wide town halls, onboarding, milestone celebrations and training. 

Say goodbye to boring online events.

Let us help you execute experiences!

Immersive Stage

Give your event high production quality without any of the cost, time or headaches. We produce immersive unique experiences that resonate with your audience.  

Speaker and Host Backstage

With our event and backstage previews we eliminate the day-of snaffus with simple speaker onboarding and prep. For the day-of we have a private backstage and speaker only chat to keep everyone connected. 


Let’s face it people attend events to network. We make it easy and real-life like. Allow your attendees to connect in meaningful ways. With our extensive networking features you can host a networking loungs, fluid spaces, breakout rooms and speed networking.

We manage the planning, production and technology so you can focus on the connection! Events don’t have to be a tech nightmare and you don’t have to be overwhelmed with all of the moving pieces. Let us work with you to craft a memorable experience, connect with your audience and execute flawlessly.

Zakia Ringgold

Founder, Virtual Experience Design Agency

Branded and Interactive Virtual Reception Hall

Deliver unforgettable first-impressions with stunning reception halls that capture and hold attendee attention.

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