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One event, two unique experiences. 

Virtual attendees and in-person attendees

Host engaging events with an easy to use event platform

Host events that bring virtual and in-person audiences together on one platform. Let attendees engage via mobile and web app with live questions, live polls, networking and more. 

One event; two different experiences

Virtual or in-person, your attendees can choose the experience based on whether they are attending remotely of on-site. VEDA Hybrid will then adapt to their choice.

Hybrid event

Take your events to the next level

Live streams and videos

Share your streams and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch or Zoom.

Engage both audiences

Features like live questions, live polls, live feedback and more are available for both virtual and in-person attendees. 

Push notifications

Announce changes in schedule, send reminders or share sponsored posts that simply can’t be missed.


Allow your audience to create valuable connections no matter whether they are attending virtually or physically.

Custom branding

Match the app with your brand colors and provide an experience that connects your audience with your company values.


A quick touchpoint Provide sponsors with potential customers by showcasing them right at your audiences fingertips.

In-person vs. virtual experience

Hybrid events in VEDA Hybrid allow attendees to turn the virtual event features on or off, based on whether they are attending online or offline. 

If you need to distinguish the virtual and in-person sessions, you can take advantage of the tracks that can be filtered by attendees. 


Virtual attendees and in-person attendees
Live stream Meetings

Live stream or video on demand


Decide whether you want to host your event with live, pre-recorded or combined Virtual meeting tools like google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom can be added in a form of a button that takes your audience right to your meeting room. 


Swipe right for networking

Connect your virtual and in-person audience with a fun match-based networking tool and help them find relevant business connections without awkwardness. Once matched attendees can have a 1-1 chat or audiio/video call and book tables for meetings. 

Virtual Networking

Features Your Event Needs 

Powerful Analytics

Take advantage. of the analytics tool to evaluate your event in real time. Easily collect valuable event data and find our how you can improve future events. 

  • User statistics and session insights
  • Instant event evaluation
  • Valuable event data for future improvements


VEDA Hyrid offers a user-friendly interface for program planning. Your program is the core of every event, and therefore, we put extra care into making the whole process easy. VEDA Hybrid works offline as well so your attendees will never lose track of what’s coming up next. 

  • Multiple stages and days
  • Workshops with limited access
  • Personal program for attendees
  • Event tracks


A magical feature with push notifications. This way you can effectively communicate with your attendees to make sure that they won’t miss a single point of interest and stay constantly updated. Posts can be sent immediately or scheduled for an exact time.

  • Push notifcations
  • Formatted texts, links, pictures or GIFs
  • Attendees can rate each post


Enable your attendees to create relevant connections. Our networking solution enables your attendees. to connect and chat with each other. Forming new relevant business contacts couldn’t be easier.

  • Online networking
  • Only between people who show. aprofessional interest
  • Arange meetings through the mobile app

Live Feedback

Get an amount of feedback like never before and see the event from the attendees perspective.

  • Individual session ratings in real time
  • Space for comments

Live Questions

Every question matters. Enable your attendees to ask questions to speakers in real time and give the space to vote for the ones they would like. todiscuss. Only the highest ranked questions make it to Top 10 on your screen.

  • Questions in real time
  • Voting for the most interesting questions
  • Admins can moderate questions

Live Polls

Engage the audience with live polls. Ask your attendees about their opinion and let them vote through VEDA Hybrid. Collect answers and display the results live on the screen.

  • Real-time insights
  • Live sharing of the results
  • Unlimited polls

"VEDA Hybrid helps me sleep better! I've always been under enormous stress because of last minute changes. Thanks to VEDA Hybrid it's not a problem anymore, because whenever something like that happens, we can immediately inform our attendees or make changes in the program which are instantly visible. Thank you for making our events greater!"

– Holly Rodriguez, University Events Coordinator

Create your first Hybrid event with VEDA Hybrid

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