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Digital Loyalty Cards & Membership Cards

Create digital loyalty cards for mobile devices: stamps, cashback, discounts, coupons, memberships and subscriptions for Apple Wallet and Google Play!

MEmbership card

Digital Loyalty Cards

Investing in punch cards for your loyalty program can feel like you’re throwing money away. 

Because your customers keep losing track of their loyalty cards, your promotional efforts are barely making an impact on your sales.

But what if you could give customers digital loyalty cards that they could literally access at all times?

Meet VEDA Loyalty!



Customize your cards using over 100 readymade templates, and easily plug in your logo, icons, brand colors, images, and preferred expiration date.

You can even set up a referral program and collect feedback after each purchase, so you can expand your customer base without paying for ads.

DIgital Loyalty cards

Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Customers can add your digital card to their Apple Wallet and Google Pay in a few seconds by scanning a unique QR code.

Use the built-in CRM to send push notifications for surveys, offers, and transaction information—no expensive SMS plan required!

Plus, you can set automated push notifications that trigger after a certain amount of time, within specified distance of your business, or after a customer makes a purchase.


SEnd Push notifications to apple wallet or google pay

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TRack stats and customers

Mobile Scanner App

Use the mobile scanner app to charge your customer’s card at the points of sale without spending any money on expensive hardware.

You can also integrate VEDA Loyalty with your CRM and POS systems, making it a painless addition to your current setup.

That way, you’re able to issue new cards, charge bonuses, access loyalty stats, and send push notifications from your own POS system!



Send Free Push Notifications

Totally Free and Unlimited


Automatic PUSH notifications with information about bonus balance changes. Sent instantly after each transaction.

Quality Control

Automatic PUSHs are sent 1 hour after each transaction with the offer to leave feedback on the service quality.


Notifications are sent manually as an SMS mailing. Send PUSH to the entire customer base or a selected segment.


Automatic PUSHs are sent 28 days after the last purchase with an invitation to make a repeat purchase.


Automatic PUSH notifications within 330 feet of your business locations. Displayed on loyalty cardholders’ lock screen.

Create Your Way

The PUSH automation builder allows you to configure any script for sending PUSH notifications.

Choose from 6 Types of Loyalty Cards

Select one of six most popular digital loyalty programs


Buy 10 and get the 11th Free.
Subscription card


Sell services in bulk to your customers.


Stay connected with your members and send push notifications. Put the most critical information at their fingertips.

Discounts & Coupons

Attract and retain customers with branded discount and coupon cards.
CAsh back cards

Cash Back

Give and redeem customers points for purchases.

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